From the Ground Up at Russell Janis

Russell Janis is a project space featuring works in ceramics and printmaking. We will be exhibiting clay works of Brooklyn based artists made and fired in a pit fire workshop on Nantucket taking place a week before the Clay Tour. A life size video projection of the fire pit process will be on view. We will also be exhibiting prints of same artists made on location on the Russell Janis Press.

Saturday, September 8th, 12-7pm
Sunday, September 9th, 12-7pm

292 Manhattan Ave, #1G
Williamsburg, Brooklyn NY 11211

Tara Douglass @brooklynplantstudio
Louise Eastman @louise_eastman
Michael Gundlach @mdgceramics
Kathleen Kucka @kathleenkucka
Danielle Pomorski @dcpceramics
Pedro Ramirez @pedroramirezart
Wendy Small @wendylsmall
Janis Stemmermann @janisstemmermann