Brixtape with FPOAFM at Calico Gallery

BRICKTAPELOGO_600 - Adams Puryear.jpg

FPOAFM Nomadic Art/Craft Collective presents BRIXTAPE an exhibition of bricks and music. Merging the participatory spirit of a mixtape traded to a friend with the bluntness of a brick thrown through a window, FPOAFM has mailed 30 artists a found clay brick and with it asked them to depict their most inspirational musician or band.

Opening Friday, Sept 7, 7-9pm
Saturday, September 8th
Sunday, September 9th
Exhibition runs thru September 22nd

Calico Gallery
67 West St, suite 203
Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY 11222

Zorawar Sidhu
Zach Trow,
Tahnee Godt,
Stephanie Kantor ,
Stephanie Dotson,
Steph Becker,
Sophie Morris,
Shane Darwent,
Scott Chasse,
Sam Bornstein,
Salim Bayri,
Rachael Gorchov,
Phillip John Velasco Gabriel,
Patrick Carlin Mohundro,
Nichole Shinn,
Matt Mitros,
Malcolm Mobutu Smith,
Mace Ferrer,
Lindsay Montgomery,
Kari Cholnoky,
Jimena Sarno,
Jessica Perelman,
Ian Meares,
Elspeth Schulze,
Dini Dixon,
Dan Mandelbaum,
Dan Bainbridge,
Clayton Blackwell,
Adams Puryear