Open House & Horse Hair Firing at Williamsburg Ceramic Studio

Demos, a studio sale & bbq at the Williamsburg Ceramic Studio along with a Horse Hair firing in the lot outside of the studio. Stop by to watch the action or Register to participate in the Horse Hair firing (required in advance through; spaces limited).

Saturday Sept 9

Williamsburg Ceramic Center
265 North 9th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Jennifer D'Arbenzio @jen_darbenzio
Leslie Seligman @leeannceramics
Michelle Arabian @michellearabianceramics
Dustin Barzell @ceramicism
Anabella Zubillaga
Victoria Palmedo
Melissa Tolve
Ginny Redgate @ginny.redgate
Benedicte Leclere, L'impatience Ceramics @limpatience.ceramics
Marina Bonnin @mixing_soup
Mariana Silva @mariana_si
Will Hubbard @wahceramics
Michelle McLaughlin @calyerceramics