Clay Space 1205 and Champion Coffee Mug Sale

Champion bct 2017 4.jpg

Clay Space 1205 and Champion Coffee will be selling mugs and coffee related items. A portion of the sale will benefit The Greenpoint Hunger Project

Champion Coffee
1107 Manhattan Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11222

Sept 8, 9 & 10
Morning, Afternoon & Evening

Tiana Tucker  
Laura Wolfgang
Mikel Durlam
Walter Murdock
Sindy Butz
Ella Wesley  
Anjuli Wright  
Shino Tadeka  
Elizabeth New
Yoshimi Tadeka  
Alison Owen
Janine Sopp
Shelley Park
SIgne Yberg  
Minh Singer
Nate Grahm
Monty Mattison
James Malve
Danielle Kroll