Clay Space 1205 Alumni Show

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We are celebrating Brooklyn clay and the makers who have been a part of our space over the last 12 years by having a show of Clay Space 1205 alumni.

1205 Manhattan Avenue
Suite 2-4-1
Brooklyn, NY 11222

Sept 9 & 10
Opening Reception Sept 9 6-9pm
Morning, Afternoon & Evening

Mondays - Jennifer Fiore + Nina Lalli
Clamlab - Clair Catillaz  
Beetle + Flor - Christine Facella Michiko,
Henry Street - Aliza Simmons + Loren Simmons  
Fisheye Ceramics - Kim Gilmour
Sarah Blackwell
Tanya Long
Ben Howort
Raina J Lee
Ulrika Stromback
Richard Hart
Lynn Goodman
Kim Brown  
Sonia Sehill
Jefre Cantu-Ledsma   
Christian Holstad
Natalie Weinberger
Alyce Barr  
Syra Gomez & more