Busted at Cooler Gallery

Busted_Cooler Gallery.jpg

The ceramic arts have always had a deep reference to history, required a mastery of craft, and referenced the human body. With this in mind, we envisioned a show wherein the selected group of artists would each create one piece … roughly the size of a human head. Each piece would be an extension of the artist’s own body of work and be arranged throughout Cooler Gallery on elevated platforms at eye level. The pieces are not meant to necessarily be literal “human” busts (unless that is in line with the artist’s work), however, the artists interpret this through new or existing past works.  Visitors will encounter the works spread throughout the space and be able to approach each piece in a way where the alignment to one’s eye may evoke an alternate way of engaging with ceramics, with a nod to the historical significance of Ancient Roman Bust Statues.  The show is co-curated by ceramicists Julianne Ahn, Josephine Heilpern and Cooler Gallery’s Michael Yarinsky.